Guardian Angel Protection Program

Our specialised solution to give parents piece of mind during Schoolies.

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Guardian Angel Protection Program

The Guardian Angel Protection (G.A.P.) Program is Condor Solutions signature child protection service designed for the discerning parent. Enrol today, spaces limited.

What is the GAP Program?
This piece of mind initiative is a layered approach that incorporates and builds on existing security and risk frameworks currently in place at Schoolies locations.

Discover how you can give your child the best chance of enjoying the Schoolies celebration, whilst dramatically reducing their exposure to the inherent dangers.

GAP Services
  • Pre-schoolies brief & survival package
  • Security / self defence training
  • Non-intrusive & passive bodyguard service
  • Emergency, hotel & tourism services liaison
  • 24 hour legal representation
  • Daily safety, welfare & security briefing
  • 24/7 access to the Condor Solution team
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Passive covert or overt surveillance
  • GPS or location tracking devices
Overseas / Asia
Many school leavers are now heading to holiday destinations such as Bali and Thailand due to the stunning locations, affordability and the perception of relaxed law enforcement.

However the risks relating to this are extreme, particularly for novice travellers.

Overseas / Asia
  • Pre-schoolies briefing
  • Pick up from airport
  • Daily safety and security briefings
  • Liaison with government and local law enforcement
  • Liaison with emergency services
  • 24/7 contact, advice and support
  • Liaison with hotels and other tourism providers
  • Hotel security audits
  • Room sweeps for cameras and audio devices
  • Security and safety survival kits

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The Dangers Are Real Every Year

24/7 non-intrusive Guardian Angel Protection Program designed to transfer and mitigate potential risk to school leavers. 

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